Dear Blogging Friends

No Friday Goodwill Finds but instead Peonies from my garden.  Such beautiful flowers!  I'm actually going to a Military Ball this weekend and only had time to cut these beauties.  Speaking of beauty please stay tune for more shabby beautiful.  Also, send me your Mother's Day story to share for the give away for the pretty tea set.

Grandmas Pound Cake

Dear Blogging Friends

When I was growing up we didn't have many sweets.  Maybe a pie, penny candy from a country store named Creechees or my dad would win chocolate covered cherries at Christmas time.  Sometimes I would visit my grand parents on the weekend, their house always smelled wonderful. The smell was like my grandma just finished baking. Grandma had a pretty house, she had a white velvet sofa that I loved. On occasion she would let me sit on it and to me that sofa was the closest thing to heaven.

My grandma could cook anything but along with her hoe cakes, fritters and sweet potato pie her pound cake was my favorite, forgot to mention another favorite banana pudding, sweet potato bread, etc!  From history pound cake is a staple and it's made from staples in the kitchen, eggs, butter, flour, sugar and there are many variations.  This is my Grandma Reathas pound cake recipe. It's wonderful how the smell of a pound cake can bring back so many memories.
6 eggs
2 cups a of sugar
2 cups of all purpose flour
2 sticks of butter
Package of cream cheese
Teaspoon of vanilla

Friday Goodwill Find:Mothers Day Every Day

Dear Blogging Friends

Do you ever wish you could go back in time?  To a time and place to enjoy your memories and your laughs and tears with the ones you love or have lost, especially with your mother.  Do you dream Mother's Day could be everyday?   My Friday Goodwill Find is a gift to you, a pretty tea set.  Anyone out there in blog land who would like to share your most happiest Mothers Day, please leave me your story or comment and I will choose my favorite and if you allow me, I would like to share and post the winner on Mothers Day!

Mothers Day will be here soon or is it everyday?

Stay tune for more shabby beautiful!


Friday Goodwill Finds:Fraise & Cream

Dear Blogging Friends

I hope you had a great week!  My Friday Goodwill Finds are beautiful fabric with strawberries (French Fraise) and I think I will make pillows with the fabric for my outside rockers.  This sweet milk glass pitcher filled with strawberries to go with the theme.  Are strawberries in season in your area?  They are at Debby Goes Shabby, going to enjoy my Fraise & Cream!

Stay tune for more beautiful!


Blast From The Past

Dear Blogging Friends

My Loving man and I went to visit our son this weekend.  We always have a good time but it was cold!  My plans were to visit a beautiful garden but old man winter made his precence again!  So, while I waited patiently for my son to return from work, I walked to a couple of antique shops and found this True Tone radio for $9.  It was real dirty but feel in Love with the color and knew it would be a perfect match with my Pink RCA.  We had a great visit, watched movies, talked and basically did nothing!  Have you seen the movie The Martian?  I loved the music, Disco, a great Blast From The Past!  Does anyone listen to the radio anymore?  Taking these pics reminded me of one of my favorite songs from my youth by the Carpenters, Yesterday Once More!  If you have never heard it take a listen!  Love that song, makes today seem rather sad, so much has changed...
Stay tune!

Friday Goodwill Find:Simple Shabby Bottle

Dear Blogging Friends

I think it's so amazing how simple mason and canning jars and bottles have evolved and become a bottle and jar decorating revolution.  In my young years they were used for canning and a jar for drinking sweet tea or your beverage of choice.  Now, they have become a decorating delight, so this Simple Shabby Bottle is my Friday Goodwill Find, can you see the price $1.21.  To bad it's opened and the water is gone, they sell for much more on eBay, LOL!  I'll just fill it with pretty posies!   My snow ball bush is almost full bloom white so I cut some green blooms and dressed my Simple Shabby Bottle with my favorite colors pink and green.

Stay tuned for more beautiful!


Naked Spring Cake

Dear Blogging Friends,

My Loving man and I traveled to see our daughter and and son-in-law this weekend.  My daughter and I love to shop Goodwill together in her area, we found some great buys, I can't wait to share mine with you!  My daughter wanted something sweet!  So, she made her first Naked Spring Cake.  We had lots of fun making this and it turned out pretty and delicious.  Chocolate cake and cream cheese frosting.  The scale was a Christmas present from me and her dad and makes a great cake stand!  A good time was had by all!

Always something beautiful to share so stay tune!