2016 A Shabby Girls Life...

Dear Friends
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas full of Joy and sweet memories.  I will be on holiday New Years and wanted to share some of my favorite pictures and top post from my blog 2016.  I share Goodwill Finds, shabby castaways and making them beautiful again on the cheap and hope you've enjoyed the transformation and a story to keep you entertained.  There are some very dear bloggers out there who party, host and yes feature and I can't thank you enough.  To those friends who tune in or click, thank you and even leave a comment in our so busy world.  My family who continue to support my love of my blog, thank you, you give this shabby girl something to smile about.  To a prosperous new year including much more love and happiness!
Stay tune for more shabby beautiful...

Friday Goodwill Finds:Twas The Night Before Christmas!

Dear Friends

I could not let December get away without sharing a Friday Goodwill Find and I said this before, I love finding things that go with the theme.  The Cinderella room has a little Christmas, how about a couple of Napco mice to add to the theme "Not a creature was steering, not even a mouse.", and a  sweet Christmas lace pillow.  I did my first video on Instagram, nervous!  I have so much more to share, stay tune for more shabby beautiful.

Shabby Queen Christmas II

Dear Friends

There is nothing more magical than a child and their anticipation of Christmas.   I certainly remember seeing this thru my children's eyes.  My children are adults now but we still anticipate Christmas and create wonderful memories.  My son was born a week before Christmas and I remember sitting on Santas knee when I was pregnant and wishing for a little boy and the anticipation of a Chrstmas baby, we named him Christopher?  We will be celebrating his 31st bithday, where did the time go?

This is my rose gold inspiration Christmas tree with a crown and star adorning the top.  The armoire is finished and is decorated with puff hearts on the the oval mirrors.  My heart certainly belongs to Christmas.  The top of the armoire is decorated with Goodwill lamp shades and my Mommie Dearest wings.  The tree is finished and most of the presents are wrapped and I am  enjoying lots of Christmas reflections.

Stay tune for more shabby beautiful!

Shabby Queen Christmas I

Dear Friends

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  My father and my oldest brother came to see me and we had a great visit.  No Friday Goodwill Find but instead I have been decorating for Christmas!  Shabbyqueen is my Instagram name and if you want to see a sneak peek of things to come, I would welcome you following me on Instagram, you will not be disappointed!  This year I'm going with some rose gold and a crown for my tree.  My mantel has a vintage frame with angels who are saying "Be your own single beauty!"  I have several vignettes, a silver bowl with angel wings and bells, a little pink and aqua.  My living room has new paint, a bigger TV and armoire we had to redo to hold the TV, and new curtains to show case my "Shabby Queen" Christmas tree.  These are just a few pics and my mantel is done.  Stay tune, the tree is yet to come.

Off The Wall Fall Table...

Dear Friends

Time has a way of ticking by, even if the pretty clock has stopped.  The holidays are upon us and I've been talking about a table setting for Thanksgiving but instead I'm calling this post "Off The Wall Fall Table.  If you go back a few post you will see my "Off The Wall Spring Table".  Literally all the China came off the wall!  I've used old platters for Fall not your normal, a beautiful bowl for the flowers and the silverware holders I made from a goodwill gift.  The candle holders were bought at goodwill and cleaned with vinegar.  Crochet table cloth, amber glasses with gold and wine goblets with cracks, to seem old.  I know this isn't your norm but that's the joy of posting on my blog I only post what "I Love"!  I hope you do to.  Please enjoy every moment of your time with friends and family!  My mother will be gone five years the day after Thanksgiving and we had the best holidays together.  I did my best this year without you but you are continuously in my heart and the reason for this blog.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and may your memories keep you strong!

Reflections Of Life...

Dear Friends

My anniversary gift is hung.  Isn't she beautiful?  Now you know why I wanted the wall of mirrors.  The wall of mirrors reflect the crystals beautifully.  This Thanksgiving day Robert Earl Cline & Deborah Denise Lockey will be married 32 years.  Yes, Deb and Earl made it through some of the reflections of life.  Young love, a post pone wedding, two adult beautiful children, work, house notes, death, funerals, lay off and aging and they said it would not last.  I look at these reflections and time has a way of getting away from you.  I laugh, cry and I am thankful for my loving man who I have shared all these memories and seasons of life with.  I love him more than he will ever know.  Deb and Earl, have always complimented each other much like these mirrors and crystals and we will continue to enjoy our reflections of life.

Thank you for tuning in.

Friday Goodwill Finds:Thankful, Grateful, Blessed!

Dear Friends

Thank you for tuning in and I am continuously"Thankful, Grateful and very Blessed."  Just a quick post of my mantel with these lovely "Friday Goodwill Finds" brass candlesticks, I soaked in vinegar to make them as good as new.  I filled the antique bowl with roses and you don't have to be a florist to do this.  I will be using them on my Thanksgiving table, please tune in for more shabby beautiful, you won't be disappointed!

Friday Goodwill Finds:Harmony

Dear Friends

A lot going on at Cline Cottage, new heating system for the house, still painting, hanging a chandy and his&hers Harmony end tables my Loving Man fell in love with from Goodwill!  They were a little over $10 each and I painted them and he cleaned the hard ware with toothpaste and TaDa!  I'm so upset that I did not get a before picture.  My table has sexy curves with a lamp from a thrift store it's different, not sure I'm totally in love, I like it turned to just white.  My husbands table has straight lines and is larger than my table. I bought him a new lamp that is not so feminine with new slate coasters.  The bowl of glittery pine cones will go on the coffee table when we finish the chandy.  The chandy is finally electrified!  The Harmony end tables were a mess from Goodwill but with paint they have definitely brought Harmony and more bling to Cline Cottage.  Have a great weekend!


Dear Friends

I spent a four day holiday with my family and celebrated my daughters birthday at the Biltmore, Ashville and Reynolda Park in Winston Salem.  Time has a way of making you enjoy the simple things for example, picnics, walks, sloppy chicken and stopping to smell the roses.  With Halloween around the corner have you ever watched the movie Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte?  I am a big Betty Davis fan and when the kids were young we watched the movie, I fell asleep and they would be haunted by her lovers head bouncing off the stairs forever!!!  (Bad Mother) I bought the two small girl and boy statues at my sons house, (a sweet junk store the same store I bought the vintage radio), they already had the mask.  While the shop keeper was packing me up she dropped and broke the girl.  It was an Avon perfume bottle that came a part at the neck, LOL and rolled and still had the perfume in it.  What a great interlude to "Hush...Hush Sweet Charlotte and Halloween.  My mantel is decorated for Halloween and memories of Hush...Hush...

May the good spirits be with you!

Friday Goodwill Gestures

Dear Friends

Don't bother adjusting your TV, this is a real post about giving.  This beautiful embroidery ribbon, was a gift from my beautiful niece Brittanie.  Brittanie knows I love roses and the talented person who did this work signed and dated the piece.  A lot of time and love and re-purposed into beautiful silverware holders for my fall table.  I also decoupaged a pumpkin to match!  The other giving part I wanted to mention is a thank you to angel in the grocery store parking lot who gave me a ride home after locking two sets of keys in my vehicle.  Some days are hard and I have always been a hard learner.  Goodwill comes in all shapes and forms and I believe everything comes back.  I will be celebrating my daughters birthday this weekend with my family, cherish every moment.  Goodwill to all!

Friday Goodwill Find:Magic Mirror On The Wall

Dear Friends

Who is the fairest one of all?  Does that bring back memories?  Mirrors have so much history, superstition and wonder, I love them.  I found a sweet mirror at Goodwill to add to my collection.  After painting my living room the beautiful ivory, I brought in the armoire that was in my bedroom to house a larger TV.   All for my loving man, I'm still working on that project but it has beautiful mirrors and wanted to hang my collection of mirrors to mimic the mirrors on the armoire and add light, I'm really happy with the changes.  Speaking of light,  I have removed the ceiling fan I've had for years.  I will be adding a beautiful chandelier that I purchased for my anniversary, I love bling don't you!  I also found three beautiful rose bone plates at Goodwill and added them to my pink sweater pumpkins.  Here is just a sneak peak of the chandelier, so stay tune for more shabby beautiful!

Fall In Love With Fall

Dear Blogging Friends

Just wanted to share a few pics of pallet pumpkins made by my daughter and I.  My daughter loves farm house decorating.  The scale as you have seen before in my pics was a Christmas gift to my daughter from me and her dad.  Do you remember the ugliest bench post?  Pulled out of the dump and transformed, to me this is real shabby beauty.  Enjoy all Fall beauty and fall in love with what you already have around the house.  More shabby beautiful to come.

Friday Goodwill Find: Weighing In For Fall

Dear Friends

Happy Fall Everyone!  My Friday Goodwill Find is a stainless scale I painted white, still not sure about the white paint but wanted it to fit in my Christmas decor.  So, the color may change but what about the price, made sure to include my before and after.  I made pink pumpkins with milk glass stems, bet you haven't seen these anywhere and pink acorns.  I included a picture of pumpkins my daughter and I made with my famous Grand Dog, Sailor. There are changes at Cline Cottage, my living room has been green for years, goodby green, hello ivory, the color reminds me of a beautiful string of pearls.

No Sew Bolster Pillow

Dear Friends

Are you looking for something simple to dress up your bed?  Possibly something you already have in the house?  I loved the table cloth from Goodwill so much I decided to use it as a bolster pillow in my guest room.  No sew, you fold and roll a small quilt first or any throw and then fold the table cloth in half and cover the quilt and tie the ends with some lace or any pretty thing you have on hand.  I made sure the pretty part of the table cloth was front and center.  A way to display a table cloth on your beautiful bed.   I decided  to serve up some pretty fall pumpkins on my silver tray, silver you can find at Goodwill most days and all pumpkins made by Debby and displayed them on the bed as well.  Just a simple no sew pillow and a silver tray served with pumpkin royalty!  Don't you agree?  BTW, it's always Cinderella time in the Cinderella Guest Room!

Friday Goodwill Find: Grandmothers Fall

Dear Friends

I'm a true believer that all beautiful and classic things never go out.  The current issue of Romantic Homes featured some beautiful needle point.  I love needle point and I'm finishing up a few pieces found at Goodwill.  My Goodwill Find is this faux needle point throw ($5) and I love that it compliments my needle point pumpkin I made out of a needle point piece found at Goodwill.  My husband confessed that his grandmother would love the rocking chair and throw and there you have it, "Grandmothers Fall!"   I never had the chance to meet Ulla Maye Cline but I know she loved flowers and beautiful things and had the best biscuits in the world.  Enjoy the moments we have with the ones we love!

DIY Heart Topiary

Dear Friends,

Wanted to share my DIY Heart Topiaries I made out of a left over block of wood that my loving man drilled a small hole thru.  I took the Mommy Dearest wire hanger and formed a heart.  I did cut the round part of the hanger off and stuck the end thru the hole of the block and hammered the ends into the wood at the bottom of the block.

As you can see my pot of variegated ivy is over flowing and wanted to start the Topiaries now so they can grow thru the winter.  I just pulled out some good roots of the ivy and planted them in some pots left over from summer plants, painted them to!  I intend on transplanting the Topiaries into my window boxes to add a bit of whimsy for Spring.  Topiaries are expensive at nurseries which is where I got my idea.  The chalk board is a very old mirror that I saved from Goodwill and the wood frame was terribly broke but after a light coat of white paint you can't even tell.  I wanted to share the author of the quote so I typed the entire quote on the chalkboard.  I did my best with the short version in my own handwriting as you can see.

So bring in a bit of green from the outdoors and your house maybe transformed!

Friday Goodwill Finds:Laundry Day Centerpiece

Dear Friends

Please forgive me for not posting this past week but I truly enjoyed some "Endless Summer" days!  My daughter was in town, a Summer Party by a lake and a day in the pool with my loving man.  My Friday Goodwill Finds include a beautiful table cloth with six matching napkins, laundry basket, milk glass top hat and candle holders S&P shakers.  I love when I can step out of the box and make all these beautiful things the centerpiece of my table.  The pink dress is hand made by my daughters great grandmother and my daughter wore the dress home from the hospital and the boys piece is another goodwill find.  The picture frame a find and included my beautiful children when they were, oh so young!  Summer Days have come and gone but the memories will continue to lingerer forever!

Please stay tune, another DIY, I always amaze myself with these, I'm not your average DIY girl but I try!  LOL!

Endless Summer III

Dear Friends,

Labor Day is almost upon us and it's still in the 90's in Georgia.  I'm continuing to enjoy my Endless Summer with a cute DIY my Loving Man and I did this weekend with some scrap wood.  Nothing says Summer like a swing.  If you haven't jumped on a swing in a while try it it makes you feel young and doesn't cost a thing!  As you can see I'm using mine to stage some sweet flowers.

Friday Goodwill Finds:Beautiful Works of Art

Dear Friends

My Friday Goodwill Finds are these great needle point finds. I admit, I have had them for sometime and paid only $5.95 for all and decided to finish these beautiful works of art.  I also found beautiful fabric that I will use for one to make a pillow. The fabric was $1.51!

Does anyone needle point anymore?  Is this a lost art like sewing?  Well, I intend to bring these Beautiful Works of Art back...

So, you must stay tuned for more Beautiful Works of Art, you will not be disappointed!

Friday Goodwill Find:Endless Summer II

Dear Friends

I've been enjoying my Endless Summer days with my new found interest in stenciling and painted this shabby picnic basket.  I provided a before and after for you and the picnic basket was $2.99.  I included my pink bike for additional eye candy, isn't she pretty, I love my bike.  I love riding, when I ride it makes me feel young.  Are you enjoying your Endless Summer days and get on your bike and ride!  Stay tune for more shabby beautiful...

Friday Goodwill Finds:Endless Summer I

Dear Friend

Are you enjoying Summer?  Fall is not in my mind right now and I'm not Falling into that retail trap, not yet, no pun!  I'm enjoying Endless Summer days filled with, a ME picnic on this Goodwill Find lace table cloth with fresh watermelon served on this beautiful charger and sweet love bird salt and pepper shakers, playing Summer time tunes from my radio and a sweet Summer posey picked from my garden.  Nothing like the smell of fresh cut grass and watermelon, hope your enjoying these Endless Summer days!  Stay tune for more Shabby beautiful...

Alfresco "Very Berry Summer" Dining

Dear Blogging Friends

First and foremost I want to thank my family for supporting me and my blog.  My daughter, she's my help desk, my son and daughter I'm always sending pics to get blog worthiness!  My sister who loves beautiful things as much as I do and gives me the truth and supports me in everything I set my mind to do.  My loving man who taste test everything, listens, reads and  always encourages me.  All family and blogging friends who like or look at every post whether they want to or not and anyone who stops by to tune in!  Thank you.

My Berry Sets were my inspiration for my Alfresco, Very Berry Summer dining, everything in the pics came from Cline Cottage, off the wall, the garden, my grand mothers vintage berry pin, Goodwill, etc.
Berry Lovers Spinach Salad
Berry Vinagarette
Punch Bowl Cake
Strawberry Infused Water
Berry Tea

Berry Sets?

Dear Friends

Hope you had a great weekend and that your enjoying every moment of summer!  I wanted to share a few things that I collect and will be sharing later in the week, Berry Sets.  Can you imagine people had nine course meals and saved the fruit and tea for last.  I will try to incorporate these into a "Alfresco" table setting later this week.  I've included a post of Berry Sets history for your entertainment.  Stay tune for more shabby beautiful.


Friday Goodwill Finds:Mr.&Mrs.

Dear Blogging Friends

It's a joy to share my creativity with you and I appreciate every view or comment.  Today's Goodwill Finds are pillows for my outside rockers.  Both pillows were $4 and the Mr.&Mrs. stencil $4 from Hobby Lobby and a little chalk paint. If I can do this any one can and you "CAN" transform Goodwill pillows into shabby beautiful!  By the way, the rockers were Goodwill finds and you can see the transformations here:


Hope you have a Great Shabby Weekend and stay tune for more shabby beautiful to come!

Cinderella Guest Room

Dear blogging Friends

I promised you Goodwill lamp makeovers and here they are in the Cinderella Guest Room on the vanity.  The reason I call it the Cinderella Room is my inspiration for the room was my daughters first prom dress.  When she wore this dress the night of prom she reminded me of Cinderella.  The furniture was a purchased from one of my favorite antique stores, Antiques In Old Town, Lilburn.  The prints are Maude Humphrey and Zula Kenyon, my love of children prints and my favorite quote, " One Shoe Can Change Your Life"!  If this room doesn't make you feel like Cinderella, just kiss the prince your with.

Have a fairy tale week!

Friday Goodwill Finds: Shabby Candy Dish & Lighting

Dear Blogging Friends

Finds this week, a pretty candy dish ($10) and sweet lamps with separate shades.  I have a vanity in one guest bedroom and have always wanted matching lamps on each side of the vanity.  This weekend I plan to freshen up my guest bedroom and transform these sweet lamps.  Stay tune for more shabby beautiful!

Shabby Pallet Potting Bench Part II

Dear Blogging Friends

If you tune in this is part II of my shabby pallet potting bench that my sweet son-in-law Tim and his friend built last year for me.  I tweaked it more this year and cleaned it and added some lace.  Pallets are all the rage and I remember my grand mother telling all us kids take a nap on a pallet!  Those were the days and sweet memories and everything on the potting bench came from, yes, Goodwill.  Hope you are having a great summer!  Stay tune for more shabby beautiful...

Christmas In July

Dear Blogging Friends

Did you have a good week?  Have you been naughty or nice?  Only 162 days until Christmas so get your nice on and start your Christmas list early!  I took feather trees, shells and sand and placed in my vintage train case.  I love train cases and this one is linen blue.  Sand, shells and pretty paper, Christmas in July.  Stay tune for more shabby beautiful to come...

A Shabby Summer Day

Dear Blogging Friends

Some much going on in this world but I like to escape to my backyard and enjoy the simple things in life.  Lemonade and cookies and a great summer day by the pool with my Loving Man.  I posted earlier about my Blendo pink glasses which match all the rest of my Blendo set.  You may remember this beautiful table cloth from a previous post called Spring Linens and I only paid a few dollars for all the linens just a few Shabby things to make a bartered deck more beautiful.  Yes, I bartered the labor in exchange for a ski boat.  No regrets on that Shabby deal.  The beautiful portulaca you see is one of my favorite full sun plants.  If you kill this your doing something and would recommend another hobby!  The blooms are like crepe paper and it continues to grow and spread all summer.  I hope your Summer is going great and is filled with beautiful Shabby memories stay tune for more shabby beautiful!

Friday Goodwill Finds:Shabby Things To Come

Dear Blogging Friends

I hope everyone had a great holiday. Loving Man and I spent the holiday with my daughter and son-in-law!  A great time was had by all!  While I was there, I ran into Goodwill and found two pink Blendo glasses that match my pink Blendo pitcher and a sweet rose plate and the container you see full of roses.  I'm planning to use my finds this weekend with a pretty summer punch, cookies and a sweet cake with my new mixer.  Stay tune for more shabby beautiful.


Happy Shabby July 4th, 2016!

Dear Blogging Friends

To each and everyone who takes the time to click on my pics and more time to leave a comment you make me very proud to be a blogger!  This blogging social community shares a great love of beauty and no matter where you are in America or any where on Gods Green Earth, I feel we are truly blessed!  Remember we are only here for a blink of an eye so pay attention eyes wide open and have a safe and happy July 4th.

A Shabby Kitchen Cart & Mixer

Dear Blogging Friends

I wanted to share my birthday gift with you from my son, my new pink Kitchen Aid Mixer!  My old shabby kitchen cart needed a makeover before placing my beautiful mixer on it.  I got busy sanding and painting the cart.  The wood got new stain and polyurethane and the cart has a new coat of paint.  It so needed a makeover!  I placed my mixer with a pretty pink pitcher some milk glass and a few other cute things. The old canister set I bought for $3.  The radios just look cute no matter were I place them. I really enjoyed sanding and making the wood come alive again.  Now what to bake with my new new mixer?  I have some things in mind to celebrate summer.  I hope you are enjoying your summer!

Thanks for tuning in!

Friday Goodwill Find: Shabby Blue Garden

Dear Sweet Blogging Friends

I want to thank you for your sweet comments and tuning in to my shabby beautiful blog.   This weeks Friday Goodwill Finds are blue pots from Goodwill, I added to my Shabby Blue Garden.  I first posted this garden back in June 2014, Vintage Garden, this little space has come a long way.  I love when I shop Goodwill and find treasures that fit into my already planned garden and just $3....made a shabby girl smile.  My yard is not perfect, I struggle with a full time job, clean house, yard and a not so perfect shabby life, as we all know nothing in life is perfect and I wonder how I did all this when I was raising my beautiful children and my loving man I continue to love and nurture.   Life is one shabby garden you nurture everyday and with time becomes beautiful!  As I get older I enjoy every little shabby nurturing moment...

Much Shabby Love!

Great Southern Beauties (Part II)

Dear Blogging Friends

My first post of Great Southern Beauties was a personal side and as a blogger I feel the only way you will get to know me is to see me and know I have lots of stories and love that I was raised in the south.  Not only was I raised in the south my father is a full blooded Lumbee Indian. This post is dedicated to my father and the great southern beauty, "Hydrangea"! My mom and dad raised five kids me being the oldest.  My father is the strongest and hardest working man I will ever know.  I tell the joke that my father is the reason they have child labor laws! LOL!  With that being said my father taught me great work ethic and not to be afraid of anything.  My father has a great heart and loves to play in the dirt just like me.  In the pic where he is happy about his truck, the trailer behind him and land is where I grew up on a dirt road in the south.

Happy Father's Day to all you Dads out there!