Ferris Wheel Life

Dear Friends

I might have mentioned that my husband started a new job and was on the night shift with only Saturday off.  Well, my loving man is on the day shift with weekends off!  Yay!  I'm not complaining but for the last 20 years he has never worked an eight hour shift with weekends off.  We both are getting older and we would like to spend some quality empty nesting time together.  This post is about the Ferris Wheel he bought me many years ago for our Anniversary, it sat around for a long time rusty and ugly.  I painted it and added flowers and included it in a celebration for day shift, Monday thru Friday.


Dear Friends

Thank you so much for your comments about retirement.  I guess it will be another Season of my life and will embrace it as it is better than the inevitable.  I wanted to share pictures of nature and some of these pictures I am most proud of.  The swallow tails which I hope I have named them correctly are my pride and joy they keep coming back year after year and I am so glad I get to be their lunch partner.  Bees, well we all know we need these in our lives and a picture of my cherry tree in my back yard, it was a seedling and now towers my house and provides shade year after year and a beautiful pink snow in the Spring.  The full double rainbow, well it was a long Friday and I was leaving my job "I Love To Hate" and it was magical standing right under the glow, I will never forget it.

She's Retired

Dear Friends

Some people would say, I'm at the age I should be thinking about retirement.  I looked up the meaning: the action or fact of leaving ones' job and ceasing to work.  Let me be the first to tell you, I will never cease to work.  If you cease to work, you die or die soon.  This life doesn't prepare you enough for the beginning of work or ceasing to work.  This is my opinion but if you have retired or intend to retire, I commend you, I also wish you a healthy and happy retirement.  Please let me know, I need input.
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Sweet Summertime

Hi Friends

I hope you are having a wonderful July 4th! So many fun times and memories for this holiday for me and my family.  Although we are not together I will assure you they are in my heart, my brother Michael a beautiful soul who loved children, but left this world giving and kind.  My mom was the heart of our family making sure her grandchildren had everything their hearts desired, my best freind, I miss you both.