Off The Wall Fall Table...

Dear Friends

Time has a way of ticking by, even if the pretty clock has stopped.  The holidays are upon us and I've been talking about a table setting for Thanksgiving but instead I'm calling this post "Off The Wall Fall Table.  If you go back a few post you will see my "Off The Wall Spring Table".  Literally all the China came off the wall!  I've used old platters for Fall not your normal, a beautiful bowl for the flowers and the silverware holders I made from a goodwill gift.  The candle holders were bought at goodwill and cleaned with vinegar.  Crochet table cloth, amber glasses with gold and wine goblets with cracks, to seem old.  I know this isn't your norm but that's the joy of posting on my blog I only post what "I Love"!  I hope you do to.  Please enjoy every moment of your time with friends and family!  My mother will be gone five years the day after Thanksgiving and we had the best holidays together.  I did my best this year without you but you are continuously in my heart and the reason for this blog.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and may your memories keep you strong!

Reflections Of Life...

Dear Friends

My anniversary gift is hung.  Isn't she beautiful?  Now you know why I wanted the wall of mirrors.  The wall of mirrors reflect the crystals beautifully.  This Thanksgiving day Robert Earl Cline & Deborah Denise Lockey will be married 32 years.  Yes, Deb and Earl made it through some of the reflections of life.  Young love, a post pone wedding, two adult beautiful children, work, house notes, death, funerals, lay off and aging and they said it would not last.  I look at these reflections and time has a way of getting away from you.  I laugh, cry and I am thankful for my loving man who I have shared all these memories and seasons of life with.  I love him more than he will ever know.  Deb and Earl, have always complimented each other much like these mirrors and crystals and we will continue to enjoy our reflections of life.

Thank you for tuning in.

Friday Goodwill Finds:Thankful, Grateful, Blessed!

Dear Friends

Thank you for tuning in and I am continuously"Thankful, Grateful and very Blessed."  Just a quick post of my mantel with these lovely "Friday Goodwill Finds" brass candlesticks, I soaked in vinegar to make them as good as new.  I filled the antique bowl with roses and you don't have to be a florist to do this.  I will be using them on my Thanksgiving table, please tune in for more shabby beautiful, you won't be disappointed!

Friday Goodwill Finds:Harmony

Dear Friends

A lot going on at Cline Cottage, new heating system for the house, still painting, hanging a chandy and his&hers Harmony end tables my Loving Man fell in love with from Goodwill!  They were a little over $10 each and I painted them and he cleaned the hard ware with toothpaste and TaDa!  I'm so upset that I did not get a before picture.  My table has sexy curves with a lamp from a thrift store it's different, not sure I'm totally in love, I like it turned to just white.  My husbands table has straight lines and is larger than my table. I bought him a new lamp that is not so feminine with new slate coasters.  The bowl of glittery pine cones will go on the coffee table when we finish the chandy.  The chandy is finally electrified!  The Harmony end tables were a mess from Goodwill but with paint they have definitely brought Harmony and more bling to Cline Cottage.  Have a great weekend!