Bedroom, Boudoir, Alcove, Chambre...etc!

Hi my blogging friends,
I posted a while back when I chalk painted my anniversary armoire, I was going to make a duvet out of my $2 grey table cloth from goodwill.  What do you think?  Well, I needed pillow shams, the ones you see here are made are Rachel Ashwells (Shabby Chic) $6 curtains from goodwill.  Rachel my friend, if you read this, I think you would be proud of my repurposing!  My bedroom is a hodge podge of things.  My bed of over thirty years, a desk on loan from my sister, a sweet chair from my dear friend Sandra, a tuffted love seat from goodwill, a faux fireplace from a yard sale.  I could go on and on but like the pics on my bed, a picture tells a thousand words and memories of a life time.......


What kind of chocolate do you prefer?

Dear Blogging Friends,

Thank you for your kind comments regarding my new adventure.  I will keep you updated on the outcome and will post my paper whites in all their glory.  With Valentines around the corner I wanted you to know what my favorite chocolate consist of, not your usual milk, white or dark chocolate but beautiful chocolate pots!  The detail of the hand painted roses and even their lids are so beautiful and when you add real roses, this is my ultimate chocolate fix.  I wish everyone a wonderful day with your loved one regardless if it's four legged, two legged or a dream of that special someone.  Don't give up on CUPID!  You never know when Cupid will draw back his bow and let his arrow go!  Sam Cooke, love Ya!
LOVE, Happy V Day!


New Beginnings!

My Dear Blogging Friends

One of my top viewed post was about flowers, double  Impatiens, my favorite annual!  I love flowers!  I decided on forcing these paper whites.   I have never forced paper whites before but there are a lot of things I have never done before.  One, starting a new job and needing and wanting it so much at 52 with young people who have their whole life before them and me, well, my life is really half over.  I'm really praying and hoping it will be a new beginning for me.  I will watch these paper whites grow and pray I will grow to.