Angels Above!

Merry Christmas everyone,  may our angels look over us always.................

May your blessings be many.

Much Love Debby Goes Shabby!

Puttin on the Glitz!

I love the holidays and adore Christmas.  I'll be honest as a little girl in the country my family didn't celebrate.  A lot of times being the oldest of five and living as most would say in a modest two bedroom trailer I was lucky to have underwear! Don't underestimate it, underwear!   So, I admit it, I'm not a kinda less is more girl.  I lived my holidays through my kids and even though they are not home I continue to do so no matter how many miles away they may be.  So, this post is about dreaming, dreaming about top hats, white gloves, canes etc.....I've changed my tree up a little this year and hope you love it as much as I do.  Puttin on the Glitz, one top hat,  I made myself and dedicate it to a fellow blogger Kerryanne  My mantel, well I've been collecting gloves for a while and my dear friend Dawn another fellow blogger at inspired me!  I love all you fellow bloggers out there and keep continuing to inspire this country girl.

Much Love!