Don't put all your eggs in one basket!

Happy Easter!  It's a beautiful day in Georgia!  One of my favorite sayings and I was able to share my beautiful Easter eggs, rabbits and baskets.  I hope everyone will try to remember this young and old.  I'm having my first give away.  The first person to guess the correct number of eggs in all three baskets will win the tureen pictured.  The give away ends April 23rd, midnight.

Happy Easter egg counting!


Spring Has Sprung!

I enjoyed the beautiful spring day today and planted double begonia's in two flower boxes.  What do you think?  I planted them last year and they did beautiful.  I am hoping I will have the same luck. I found the tureen at you guessed it, Goodwill!  I wish I could find flower's at Goodwill don't you?  LOL!


Happy Birthday Donna!

I promised myself when I started my blog I would only post beautiful things but to me there is nothing more beautiful than a mothers love.  I dedicate this blog to my mother.  I love her and miss her more than anyone will ever know.  Happy birthday Mamma!


Debby Goes Shabby!