Friday Goodwill Finds: Anticipation

Dear Blogging Friends

I don't know about you but I'm ready to play in the dirt again.  My anticipation for Spring is hard to contain and I'm tired of dragging my pink lemon tree in and out of the house!  Yes, I have a pink lemon tree, the lemons are actually pink inside kinda like a pink grapefruit.  My Friday Goodwill Finds are the elephant watering can and the matching rain boots I will never wear but look good with the elephant watering can or good for cut flowers!  How about a Spring Afghan, great Spring colors, and my first cut daffodils from my brown yard. (LOL) I also included blooms from my pink lemon tree.  Anticipating Spring how about you?

Stay tuned, tomorrow I will share pics of my Spring table and a great foody for you!
If you would like to see  my shabby pallet potting bench, click here.....

Debby is going Spring Shabby!

Friday Goodwill Find: Deja vu

Dear Blogging Friends

Have you ever experienced "Deja vu"?  This is a French word meaning already seen or a feeling of recollection!  I had the opportunity to leave work early Monday and made a random stop by Goodwill and take a look at what they had just brought out and was still behind the counter.  My heart skipped a beat.  You see I saw this same painting in an antique store several years ago across town and feel in love but there was no price on the painting and the stores prices were out of my price point really just looking so I was sure I couldn't afford her.  Deja vu, but in Goodwill!  The name of the painting is "The Sound of Music" by Joanne Pemberton Longman.  I brought out a few of my gold clocks, what's wrong with a little gold and The Sound of Music!

Thanks for stopping by to see my finds and creations......



Friday Goodwill Finds: Roses

Dear Blogging Friends

You like roses, so do I.  I love this poem by George Eliot, or Mary Ann Evans.  I wrote the words on paper but first took my Goodwill find a 1942 book which was written the year my mom was born and I covered the wall as a homage for written words.  Can you see the rose petals coming down like rain, as light as feathers, smelling sweet?   Cupid standing by for his next "Lost In Love"!

Yes, I was once lost in love at the alter, a wedding planned, champagne drank and cake eaten but not by the bride and groom.  You see my husband of 32 years changed his mind.  But we eventually married at the JOP, most people thought we wouldn't make it.

My second Goodwill find is a angel smiling and wishing everyone a "Happy Valentines Day"!

Friday Goodwill Finds:Lost in Love

Dear Blogging Friends

This weeks Goodwill Find is all about Lost in Love. The beautiful plate of roses I picked up this weekend and pitcher several months ago.  I decided to make a posey of burlap roses.   My favorite of this post is the 1910 post card "You Can Bait My Hook"!  You have to read the note from the back of the post card to understand how I came up with the title of my blog post.  I bought the post card because it reminded me of when my husband and I fished when we were young, he had quite the catch!  But when I read the back of the post card  it really intrigued me, "Lost in Love"....
Kind friend
The fellow was with me has a case on you, he said you look sweet to him.  So I haven got much of a chance now, for him and Rudy is down your way most of the time. What do you think of that.
Regards from L. Ott. Leslie

You see every one has "Lost In Love" at some time in our lives.  Even me, I was lost at the alter! More of that story on my last post of my finale Valentine's Day Post!  Take it from a shabby girl, don't give up on Love!

Stay tuned!