A Day In A Shabby Girls Life!

Dear Blogging Friends,

I had a beautiful weekend, with my loving  man and family, sometimes I feel guilty, enjoying time with the ones I LOVE, because in 15 years my loving man has never had weekends off!  And now he does, loving man got laid off 12-10-2014, I got laid off in 2012, my mother died in 2011 and Me and a Loving Man became a empty nesters, my very first post. That's all I'm going to say about that!  My loving man has a new job with weekends off! Yay!

Hard times, we both have had are struggles in our 50's starting over.  I know we are not the only ones in life who have had to start over in jobs, but truly it's hard!  Just saying!  So, if your starting over no matter what struggle you may be having, be patient, pray, persevere, solider on, there will be most employers (and you know who you are) and my loving family who will appreciate you for who you are, no matter what age!

I wanted to soak up the sun but by instead because of the rain this cute rocker soaked up the chalk paint!  As most of you know most everything I post comes from Goodwill and the fleurs are courtesy of Cline Cottage Garden!

Thank you so much for reading my post and Love be with you!


One Boy, One Girl......

Dear Friends,

Thank you for all your comments on my double impatiens, they make me happy!  I had visits from both my beautiful children.  My son (Chris) who has the biggest heart and takes people for who they are and my daughter (Jessica) who looks like her mother but is more thoughtful and kind than I will ever be and loves flowers as much as me!  One boy, one girl, so thankful to have them and will love them until my last breath!  Thank you for being my loving children, one boy, one girl!

With that being said, my daughter thought you would enjoy my Popsicle Daylilies!

xoxo, Debby

Happy Mothers Day Every Day!

Dear Blogging Friends

I had a beautiful Mother's Day today spending time with my loving man and my beautiful son!  But there will always be a void in my heart for my dear mama.  I lost my mother in 2011 and and if I could have one wish is to have my best friend back!  My dear mama had unconditional love that no one else can fill.  The only one who believed in me no matter what I did or no matter what my dreams, hopes or inspirations were and yes, even failures, she was right there beside me cheering me on or telling me how crazy I was.

Don't wait for Mother's Day or any holiday to tell the one you love with every breath or until your last breath that you love them unconditionally every day!  To me that's a Mother's Day, every day!

More Love on this wonderful day!


Double Impatiens & Cline Cottage!

Hi Blogging Friends

Its that time of year when I plant my favorite annuals, Double Impatiens!  I always plant them right outside my door for instant beauty.  This was my first post last year if you would like to check it out.  http://debbygoesshabby.blogspot.com/2014/04/double-impatiens-my-favorite-happy.html

This year I tucked some china plates in with the Impatiens and a couple of asparagus ferns.  My ivy died over the winter, what do you think?  Me and my Loving Man have been working hard painting the trim around my windows and door and I also painted my shutters, screen door and front door.  So this is a reveal for the old Cline Ranch, now turned "Cline Cottage"!  What a wonderful transformation and what a difference a coat of paint can do. I also painted the huge coffee pot which was free and cut some flowers from my perennial garden and added the "C".   A welcome arrangement for the transformed "Cline Cottage"!  So much beauty right outside my door.

Hope you love it as much as I do........