Merry & Bright

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  My Christmas was great, sharing time with my family is truly the best gift of all.  I am so very blessed!  Is everyone ready for the new year?  Hoping everything is Merry & Bright!


These are a few of my favorite things!

These are just a few of my favorite Christmas ornament's I have collected over the years.  The angel is "daydreaming", I've never seen another one like her!  The porcelain boy and girl ornaments remind me of my beautiful children.  Lots of toys and even a mouse under the tree!  I hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by.  More vintage Christmas to come.

Merry Christmas!

Vintage Repurposed Christmas

A vintage repurposed Christmas tree. I had to downsize this tree from Christmas past.  I repurposed  my silver champagne bucket I used in my daughters wedding as you can see as a Christmas tree stand.  I hope you notice the word "SPARKLE" on the tree and a Tierra I usually display on my dress form.  The dress form displays my daughter first prom dress.  The dress reminds me of Cinderella's dress.  The pictures in the bedroom are Maud Humphrey prints.  I have a entire board on Pinterest of Maud Humphrey, please take a look.  My favorite quote is also pictured, "One shoe can change your life".  We can all use some new shoes right?  More vintage to come, I promise!  May your days be filled with "SPARKLE".

Vintage Christmas

Vintage - a word that can have several meanings.  The main definition is "of old", recognized and enduring interest, importance or quality".  Mostly associated with the quality of aging, enduring or improving over time.  A "vintage" was originally the yield of a season's harvest at a vineyard.

I love this word and would also use it to describe my Christmas decorating around my home.

Thanks for coming by, more Vintage to come!