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Dear Friends

We knew the holidays would get here, right.  I spent my Thanksgiving in Virginia with my family.  My son moved there several months ago and it's a beautiful town.  If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen a couple adventures, Black Dog Salvage, window shopping, it was fun.  Today is a day of "Blessings", my daughter had her last day at school and passed her final with honors.  She will officially graduate with her degree in Radiology in January.  Her father would be so proud, telling everyone, our children are our blessings.

Debby's Fall Basket

Dear Friends

It's a beautiful Fall day here in Georgia.  I have been very busy with my home.  I've redone two bathrooms, painted and redecorated my bedroom, new appliances in my kitchen and as I write this post I'm preparing for new flooring.  This has been little to say very over whelming at times, tiresome, and hard.  I have my children to thank for their help.  My home has been in a lot of disorganization which makes Blogging hard.

French Fall Finds

Dear Friends

It's officially Fall...I wanted to share my mantel with a few finds.  A friend gifted me the mirror it's so pretty with the Toile Print peeking thru.  Don't pass up faded mirrors, they can become a piece of art. The candleabra's are from Goodwill that add a bit of French and dried hydrangeas with a few pumpkins.  I know Summer is slowly fading and the Seasons come and go, but doesn't everything.

Thank you for coming by, I have been keeping busy but love my blog and will continue to try to post more. Love Debby...

Summertime Hat

Dear Friends

Sweet Summertime is flying by.  I've been real busy working on the house to get it in shape to sell.  Lots of painting, remodeled two bathrooms, so much to do, I get overwhelmed.  No more pink in the bedroom and removed the Gibson girls too.  The Harrison Fisher is one of my favorites, it makes me happy.

Shabby Powder Room

Dear Friends

I want to thank everyone who tuned in to my "Blue" post, thank you for all your kind words and love.  I've cried so many tears and thru it all without the love of my children, I'm not sure I would have survived.  People say I'm strong, I say I'm a survivor, there are many of us.  To get me thru lonely nights and sadness I focus on the happy times.  I'm sharing the Shabby Powder Room my kids did for us this past Christmas.