Dear Friends

Happy New Year!  I have lots of goals this year, one being selling my house.  So, when I was asked to join a group of beautiful blogger's for a Top Shelf Clearance Challenge, and no more than $15, I was there.  You see, I'm not good at "organization."  I've been in my house 27 years and have accumulated lots.

When I was packing for holiday I could not find any of my jewelry I wanted to take, no organization skills, as you can see from the pictures.  I searched for something that would hold all my jewelry in one place.  The silver trunk reminded me of my pink suitcases I purchased for the trip.  I new the trunk would hold most of the jewelry and it was marked down for $13.99 at Ross. I took pics of a few of my favorite pins, and will be donating most of the pearls. I guess by the looks of all this you can say I Sparkle while I organize!  More challenges to come.