It's a Southern Thing!

Yea, it's a Southern Thing!   A beautiful bouquet of confederate rose and sweater pumpkins for my southern dining table?  This hibiscus cousin doesn't have the most attractive history but what a beautiful flower!  Myth has it during the civil war a confederate soldier wounded from battle, bled next to the "Hybiscus Mutabilis"  or changeable hibiscus, his blood making the bloom change color.

This could be a story from "Gone With The Wind" but I have certainly adopted this beautiful plant into my garden.  As you can see the blooms are a beautiful light pink that change to almost red by the end of day.  Even though this flower hails from China, I am glad our southern climate brings it home to the South called, the Confederate Rose.

I highly recommend this rose to any flower enthusiast.

Debby went shabby south!

Miss Mustard Seed, You Don't Need Ketchup!

OK, I admit my daughter Jessica is in all the "know" with the different kinds of paint!  I've been painting furniture for a long time before it was popular but she loves "Miss Mustard Seed Paint"!  Check out her first attempt in the color Grain Sack.  A beautiful before and after.  My daughter loves the colors and when she says color she means the pigment and the surprise of how different the piece will turn out.   This piece chipped a little but was perfect with distressing on your own.  The paint is a creative type of paint, different from your norm.  She will definitely continue to use her paint.  I may even try my first attempt, so stay tuned.   Such a beautiful transformation!  Thanks for continuing to visit my blog, it's such a beautiful blog world!

Many blessings, Debby........

It's Fall Y'all at Debby Goes Shabby 2014!

Hi blogging friends I'm so glad you continue to stay tuned!  I admit,  I hate to say goodbye to summer and am so behind on the fall creations.  I love seeing all the fall decor in blog land.  I made a few sweater pumpkins last year and posted them on my blog.

This year my daughter Jessica was in town and we created some great sweater pumpkins together.  We had so much fun staying up late and creating what you see posted but also memories we will cherish.  She even brought along our model (Sailor) who works for free accept for a few treats now and then.  Isn't he cute!

Keep creating!