Love To Dish!

Dear Blogging Friends

I hope this post finds you well and happy.  I have to admit, I have a Love Affair with the so called Dish!  I could probably blog daily about my collection but some people may find it quite boring.  But I Love to Dish!  Enjoy the eye candy and I hope you can find a dish to display in your home.


A Shabby Chandy Birdbath.......

Dear Blogging Friends!

Do you wish you could gave a chandelier in every room?  I know I do, but instead I repurposed this $5 crystal lamp from a yard sale into a shabby crystal bird bath.  I had this crystal bowl in a wooden chair in the garden but the chairs will eventually rot. So, I repurposed this crystal lamp, the sun shinning thru is amazing, a beautiful shabby birdbath, the birds will never leave with this kind of luxury, LOL! For all of you who left a message about my potting bench or viewed thank you!  I had an amazing blogging week of love!  Continue to do what you love.


Dear Blogging Friends,

Where do you get your inspiration?  Your inspiration for pictures, decorating your home or even painting a room.  My inspiration comes from things I love, let me show you!  My guest room was painted and inspired from my love of my daughters prom dress which inspired the color of the paint on the walls and my love of children's prints.  I love Maude Humphrey, and she was Humphrey Bogart's mother.  Just a little history, to see more Maude Humphrey check out my Pinterest.

My dining room inspiration my love of children's prints and rabbits, garden and my love of China.   My bedroom inspiration was Harrison Fisher and prints of Gibson Girls you can also check out Harrison Fisher prints on my Pinterest.

I tell people if you struggle with decorating start with one room, start with an inspiration and something you love.  If you love it you can live with it a life time no matter what's popular or in style.  I believe some things never go out of style.  My mantel, well I change it out very often, today yellow!

Glad you stay tuned, and thank you for returning.

Oh, A Pallet Potting Bench!

Hi blogging friends,

When I was growing up a pallet was something my grandmother would lay on the floor in front of a fan and all of us kids would take a much needed nap or if there were not enough beds you would find yourself on a pallet for the night.  Oh, if we could only go back in time and make that wonderful summertime nap last.  OK, wake up, back to reality!  Pallets are what I dragged home from my husbands last job and I had this great idea from Pinterest on building a potting bench.  Well, the pallets stayed around the house for a while until my son-in-law, Tim and his friend made it happen with just my picture from Pinterest.  Me and my Loving Man tweaked it a bit by adding a top and a shelf and some paint and I Love it!  It's also on casters so I can roll it around on the deck.

Repurposing is what I Love, everything including my garden angel with creeping Jenny hair!  Savor these last days of summer and the sweet memories of our grandmothers and a Pallet!

Sweet Shabby Summer Time!

Hello my sweet blogging friends!  There's only two places to be with our summertime weather, inside with the air conditioning or by the pool?  I'll let you guess by my pics where my favorite place to be is here at Cline Cottage!  I found this sweet piece at Goodwill and chalk painted by the pool, oh shucks, gave it away!  Well, I even have a before and after!  And yes those are my toes, the only thing pretty about that pic is the pink polish!  Just thought I would throw in some Sweet Shabby Summer Time.

Smile when you read this, we are all so much prettier when we smile!

Love Debby