Fall in Love (Part I) Mantel

Dear Blogging Friends,

I have finally sucommed to the fact that Summer is over!  Ok, I hate it but accept it and needed a little inspiration to kick my Fall spirit into gear.  The weather helped that along with my Lovin Man being so excited that the Atlanta Falcons won (Football), cool weather and no pool!

So this is Part I of Debby Goes Shabby Fall Tour, Are you Ready For Some Football, sorry, Fall Decoration?  My Fall in Love Mantel which includes the most shabbiest pumpkin I've seen is this glass globe I created into a Debby Goes Shabby Pumpkin!  The dried hydrangeas and my inspiration sign that I made, "Fall In Love" and those words you will see throughout my tour.  And what shabby tour wouldn't be complete without shabby pink pumpkins on top of that chippy shabby stool and a few sweater pumpkins from last year.

Thank you my dear blogging friends for tuning in and hope you will enjoy my "Fall In Love" tour!


BTW, my lunch partners will depart soon.  I come home for lunch everyday and spend it with the humming birds and will miss their company another end to summer.......

An Empty Space......

Dear Blogging Friends,

I've been in my Cline Cottage for over 20 years and there are things about my house till this day I don't understand.  This empty space in my dining room, is, as if the builder ran out of cabinets or ideas.  So, one day I found this twin headboard and decided to make a bar area out of my dining room empty space.  It really comes in handy when we have lots of people over.  Two stools that swivel with stool covers I made that I like to call pillow case covers over the back of each stool. They match my curtain in the window that were cut and glued no sewing involved!  The bar could also serve as a computer area or whatever suits your needs.  This was a very easy project.  My loving man put up two metal brackets.

My vacation at Somebeach, Somewhere was wonderful with my family.  There is something magical about the beach, don't you agree?  The sounds of the waves, the sun, the sunsets and so many memories we have shared and continue to create.  I've shared a few pics for you from my Somebeach, Somewhere, hope you enjoy.

I'm still Savoring Summer but loving all the Fall blog post from all my blogging friends!



My Empty Space!

Somebeach, Somewhere!

Dear blogging friends,

I have enjoyed all my favorite Blogs getting ready for Fall.  Fall will be here soon enough but I'm heading to an end of Summer vacation at my favorite beach with my Loving Man and my beautiful children!  My son, Christopher will be celebrating his 30th birthday this year, he was born a week before Christmas and that is unbelievable to me, time gets away?  As I said last year on my post, Savor Summer or Savor every minute of Life and that's exactly what I'm doing!  I have gardenias and roses blooming and a pool that can't wait.  That's a sewing box that I turned into a planter!  I hope you enjoy the pics as I get ready to go to Somebeach, Somewhere, with my precious family!

Happy Labor Day, a much deserved holiday to all!

Love, Debby!