Grand Southern Beauties (Part I)

Dear Blogging Friends

I hope everyone is doing well and thank you for always tuning in.  I had a great vacation and birthday.  The beach was beautiful and every moment spent with my family brings me great memories and happiness.  We have been going to One Seagrove Place in Seagrove, Florida for many years, its a high rise condo, we stayed on the sixth floor, every time we arrived or departed the room I passed this massive magnolia and wanted to reach out and cut a beautiful bloom. But didn't risk falling to my death, LOL.

The last day of the trip, I got sick and have been under the weather.  I'm the type who doesn't know how to stay still and rest so I decided to read out of boredom.  Have you ever read Gone With The Wind?  So, in my quest to get well much like Margaret Mitchell who wrote the book while recovering from an ankle injury and boredom, I started reading.  In chapter five I'll share a quote "The mockingbirds and the jays, engaged in their old feud for possession of the magnolia tree beneath her window, were bickering, the jays strident, acrimonious, the mockers sweet voiced and plaintive".

I sent my husband to that grand magnolia down the road to cut a few blooms.  Both the book and the blooms are Grand Southern Beauties, don't you agree? Nothing more Southern...

BTW, I included a pic of me on my birthday, I forgot, am I 45 or 54?  Who cares, right?

Don't Forget Your Greens!

Dear Blogging Friends

Do you want something different?  I wanted something that would last and didn't cost a penny until I returned from vacation.  I clipped a few clippings from my ferns, hosta, solomon seal and variegated ivy from my garden and placed them in milk glass with water and now I have a several green arrangements.  I also took floral wire and wrapped fern clippings around the wire to make a round fern charger, I didn't have time to set the entire table but hope I've given you some simple shabby no cost inspiration.  My daughter said my pics looked bohemian and modern told you it was different and I can sometimes step out of my pink box... Dont forget your greens!

Have a great weekend and stay tune for more shabby beautiful!


Friday Goodwill Find:Shabby Cowgirl Boots

Dear Blogging Friends

This weeks Friday Goodwill Find "Shabby Cowgirl Boots".  I bought them black and spray painted them white.  Some boots are just not made for walking, LOL!  The flowers are silk and I've had them for years.  I leave for some beach this weekend, can't wait to celebrate my birthday with my toes in the sand and beautiful sunsets and mostly rest and time with my family. Hope to share a few fun pics.

Stay tune for more shabby beautiful.


Shabby Retired Rocker

Dear Blogging Friends

My husband was given three rockers for free from Mr. Lewis (Lewis Carpet) one of the most likable guys you would ever want to meet from Sylva, NC!  My husband is a truck driver just in case you are wondering and he meets lots of people on his routes and he asked Mr. Lewis what he was going to do with them.  (Throw them away)!My loving man took them to their new home.  So, we are sanding and painting the rockers we want to rock in and one rocker for yard art.  Do you like yard art?  I do, I don't have one of those yards that is perfect so I get to add imperfect things that add shabbiness or interest to the garden.  This rocker was added to my shade garden with a Japanese painted fern that got to big for the pot.  With my birthday coming up soon I wanted to add a quote from Audrey Hepburn for all us beautiful women with just a little age.  This rocker is retired but keeps on being beautiful which is absolutely how I feel and I hope is how you see the rocker!  I'm not retired but feel more beautiful than I have ever have.  I don't think I will ever retire but I do buy old and beautiful things I love which I know Audrey would be proud of!  Audrey Hepburn a shabby girl after my own shabby heart!

Do things that you love and stay tune for more shabby beautiful!


Friday Goodwill Find:Keys to Happiness

Dear Blogging Friends,

 My Friday Goodwill Find is a bunch of lace.  I've been collecting lace for a project and hope to share that project soon but instead I covered a book with the Goodwill lace and covered other books in Waverly paper and added another favorite book, Keys to Happiness. My pink boy and girl planters I found separate but together make a great pair and love that they double as book ends and vases.  The Bride and Groom is so chippy and cute and oh so shabby. My finds remind me of My Keys To Happiness, Robert, Christopher and Jessica...

My Mothers Day tea set winner is!

Peggy Jones, please email me your address and thank you so much for your sweet comment and staying tune to Debby Goes Shabby!


Friday Goodwill Finds:Shabby Mothers Day

Dear Blogging Friends

The Military Ball was great, there are so many we have lost in the service.  I want to thank all who serve and their loved ones, the military who sacrifice their lives and the ones who gave their lives, thank you.  Sunday is Mothers Day and Saturday is my Loving Man's 57th birthday!  Yay, so me and my Loving man will be enjoying our day rocking away in this Goodwill Find rocking chair he helped me paint!  Happy birthday Lovin Man, he loved the project so much he brought home three more for free, will share soon.  I love it when I go junkin and find something that goes along with the theme I'm posting about, a find meant to be!  The heart shape Mother's Day plate came from Salvation Army and is so sweet I had to include it with my FGF rocking chair.  The GW rocking chair was $20, thanks to my daughter who loves a deal as much as me.

My mother passed away in 2011 and her older sister 2015, my mom always worried about her until she died, her sister had Alzheimer's disease.  My mother loved her sister dearly and they always took care of each other best they could.  They were two beautiful women, my mom Donna on the right and her older sister Joyce on the left, the pic was beautiful happy times.  I hope they are smiling again together!

Happy Mothers Day!