Antique Armoire

I bought an antique armoire for my anniversary.  I have never chalked painted anything.  Well blogging friends this was my first!  Thanks to my daughter Jessica for helping me and keeping me focused on completing this project.  I found a $2 table cloth at Goodwill and loved the color grey.  I new this would make a beautiful duvet.  So the inspiration color for my antique armoire as you can see in the pics is grey.  I even hand painted my anniversary year.  I am no artist but love the way it turned out.  They say practice makes perfect,  well I definitely practiced with some chalk paint.  I would love to know what you think.  My bedroom is a work in progress now!  I have to get to work on the duvet!  Thank you for tuning in, more to come.


The Before/ish:

The After:

77 Cents Bundt Planter Wind Chime Creation!

In a previous Post I shared my 77 cents bundt pan.  I asked my blogging friends whether I should make it a bundt planter or bundt bird feeder.   TADA!  Bundt planter with a beautiful wind chime.  The center of the wind chime is a hummingbird cookie cutter and plenty of silver and crystals found around the house.  Not only is it pretty but it sounds pretty.

Thank you Ronny Robinson and hubs for your comment and inspiration.  I hope you love it as much as I do!

Stay tuned, more creating to come!