Where Bloggers Create 6th Annual Blog Party

Where Bloggers Create 6th Annual Blog Party!

  Thank you Karen for hosting at mydesertcottage.com.   This is my first year and I have to admit this party got me motivated and organized.  Everything in my space is from goodwill including the material which was my inspiration for my sewing room.  Meet "Lola" her job is to hold scissors and I can trust her not to run with scissors!  I honestly did not know I had so many pairs!  The cubby wall holds my milk glass collection, books, magazines and hydrangeas from my garden.  The trellis is my inspiration board and I have storage for my material, lace and all those things you need to sew and create.  I have truly enjoyed every moment of this adventure.  Thank you for visiting and keep creating no matter where, when or how!


Double impatient's, my favorite happy annual!

If you know me, you know I love flowers.  Why, flowers are happy, do you agree?  They make my heart, mind and soul happy.  All I have to do is step outside my door and I see happy.  One of my favorite annuals next to the double begonia is the double inpatient.  Let's face it if your going to buy annuals you may as well get the most petals!  Enjoy the pics of Happy!

Happy days!


77 cents but no sense!

I am still in my vintage garden theme mode and should really be working on my 4x4 "Where Women Create" room instead I am outside! Crazy, right?  So I bought this bundt pan for .77 cents and it's so cute but I can't decide whether to make it a bundt bird feeder or a bundt planter?  What would you do?  Let me know and I have included a few pics from my deck.  It's been a wonderful summer here in the GA.

Keep creating whether inside or outside!



If you can't grow roses or have the money to buy a bouquet every week, how about a perennial garden?  There is so much return on your money every year and you can start with a pack of seeds or a gift from your neighbor who has a green thumb.  I have so many spiderwort plants I could give them to the entire neighborhood and still have leftover.  So get planting!

Hope you enjoy the pictures!  I have several projects in the works. I was so inspired by the magazine, "Vintage Gardens" and started a garden spot I can't wait to share on my next post.

Take time to smell the flowers!

Happy Fourth of July!

Thank you to all who serve and those who support the ones who serve.
God bless America!