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My Whole Heart

Dear Friends

Happy almost Valentines, sharing a Valentine tablescape and this will be my first Valentine alone without my loving man.  I miss him, I gave him my whole heart, my love forever...

My tablescape includes a love seat saved for you, extra sprinkles, sweets, cotton candy champagne cocktails and my whole heart.  Much love...

Valentine's Tea For Me

Dear Friends

Sharing my early Valentine's Tea For Me.  A cup of tea and a few of my favorite things,one of my favorite tea sets, strawberry lemon tea, chocolate dipped strawberries, strawberry Little Debbie's, strawberry macaroons, and A slice of Chantilly Cake.  I must have flowers always and always, my favorite magazine and a sweet Love book, simple words about love "with LOVE, by Dan Zadra and Designed by Joanna Price.,


Dear Friends

Happy New Year!  I have lots of goals this year, one being selling my house.  So, when I was asked to join a group of beautiful blogger's for a Top Shelf Clearance Challenge, and no more than $15, I was there.  You see, I'm not good at "organization."  I've been in my house 27 years and have accumulated lots.

When I was packing for holiday I could not find any of my jewelry I wanted to take, no organization skills, as you can see from the pictures.  I searched for something that would hold all my jewelry in one place.  The silver trunk reminded me of my pink suitcases I purchased for the trip.  I new the trunk would hold most of the jewelry and it was marked down for $13.99 at Ross. I took pics of a few of my favorite pins, and will be donating most of the pearls. I guess by the looks of all this you can say I Sparkle while I organize!  More challenges to come.

Calling All Angels

Dear Friends
Merry Christmas!  Instead of a tree this year I created a trunk full of angels to comfort myself and anyone who might feel lonely, sad, depressed or having a difficult time during this holiday season.  You are not alone, I am not alone, I've called all angels!  Please go to my Instagram for my video Christmas Eve, I hope you enjoy the video and I will also do a slide show.  Forgive me for all the photos but it is Christmas!


Dear Friends

We knew the holidays would get here, right.  I spent my Thanksgiving in Virginia with my family.  My son moved there several months ago and it's a beautiful town.  If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen a couple adventures, Black Dog Salvage, window shopping, it was fun.  Today is a day of "Blessings", my daughter had her last day at school and passed her final with honors.  She will officially graduate with her degree in Radiology in January.  Her father would be so proud, telling everyone, our children are our blessings.