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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Friday Goodwill Finds: A Shabby Girl Can Change...

Dear Friends

How is your new year going?  I am counting the days down until Spring!!!  With Old Man Winter comes the blues, so I am doing everything I can to stay warm and happy.  I decided to bring Lola out of the craft or sewing room and change her dress.  She so deserved a new dress and I found this one at Goodwill.  It's a beautiful cream and pearl and its beautiful in the candle light.  I added wings that I painted a pretty cream and added lots of pearls around her neck.  Lola has changed from my scissor holder to a shabby beautiful angel.  Next, I decided to change my lamp, I really didn't like the one previously posted so I found "Diana" and I love the way she looks on my harmony end table.  My goodwill finds are a few inexpensive beauties, a hull flower decanter, crystal salt and pepper shakers and a small ribbon milk glass bowl, to hold beautiful roses until I change my mind.  If you are looking for an inexpensive way to freshen up your home, just look around and add beautiful flowers to a few Friday Goodwill Finds to make it shabby beautiful!

Much Love

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Love At First Sight

Dear Friends

Happy New Year!  Is all your Christmas put away?  I always get a sad feeling when it's all boxed up.  My husband tells me he fell in love with me at first sight.  Do you believe in love at first sight?  Well, I have to admit, after 32 years of marriage, two beautiful happy and independent adult children I've had my spell on Robert for quite a while.  My anniversary armoire I bought for him not so much love.  He disliked it so I was thrilled to transform or remodel this beauty into a smart TV holder we both could love.  This was hard, I had a vision and had a hard time communicating my vision to several people.  I insisted on keeping the integrity of the beautiful mirrored doors.  My daughter was the only one who understood my vision and with her help and my loving mans help, we did it. The armoire is decorated with silk lamp shades from goodwill and a faux rose vine.  Debby and loving man are not your everyday DIYers but with perseverance we widened these beautiful doors and kept the beautiful mirrors that I feel in love with at first sight, LOL!  The center piece of the armoire is waiting to become shabby beautiful again. This anniversary gift has many layers (paint) similar to everything in life, don't give up on that beauty, it may just need a little love and inspiration or a little shabby beautiful.
Much Love

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

2016 A Shabby Girls Life...

Dear Friends
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas full of Joy and sweet memories.  I will be on holiday New Years and wanted to share some of my favorite pictures and top post from my blog 2016.  I share Goodwill Finds, shabby castaways and making them beautiful again on the cheap and hope you've enjoyed the transformation and a story to keep you entertained.  There are some very dear bloggers out there who party, host and yes feature and I can't thank you enough.  To those friends who tune in or click, thank you and even leave a comment in our so busy world.  My family who continue to support my love of my blog, thank you, you give this shabby girl something to smile about.  To a prosperous new year including much more love and happiness!
Stay tune for more shabby beautiful...
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Cinderella Guest Room

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June Wedding Shoes

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Friday Goodwill Finds:Twas The Night Before Christmas!

Dear Friends

I could not let December get away without sharing a Friday Goodwill Find and I said this before, I love finding things that go with the theme.  The Cinderella room has a little Christmas, how about a couple of Napco mice to add to the theme "Not a creature was steering, not even a mouse.", and a  sweet Christmas lace pillow.  I did my first video on Instagram, nervous!  I have so much more to share, stay tune for more shabby beautiful.

Much Love!


Sunday, December 11, 2016

Shabby Queen Christmas II

Dear Friends

There is nothing more magical than a child and their anticipation of Christmas.   I certainly remember seeing this thru my children's eyes.  My children are adults now but we still anticipate Christmas and create wonderful memories.  My son was born a week before Christmas and I remember sitting on Santas knee when I was pregnant and wishing for a little boy and the anticipation of a Chrstmas baby, we named him Christopher?  We will be celebrating his 31st bithday, where did the time go?

This is my rose gold inspiration Christmas tree with a crown and star adorning the top.  The armoire is finished and is decorated with puff hearts on the the oval mirrors.  My heart certainly belongs to Christmas.  The top of the armoire is decorated with Goodwill lamp shades and my Mommie Dearest wings.  The tree is finished and most of the presents are wrapped and I am  enjoying lots of Christmas reflections.

Stay tune for more shabby beautiful!

Much Love!