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Shabby Fairy Tale

Dear Friends

I wanted to share a story with you, I started my blog out of grief and life changes but before that I fell in love with "Shabby"!  I bought a book from an antique store and read and fell in love with Rachel, Shabby Chic!  I read her story about her and her mum! Her mum repaired dolls and her customers would come for miles to have their shabby doll parts repaired.  I also loved that Rachel shared her memories of antiquing with her parents.  I did not know at the time what the word "Shabby" meant but when I looked up the meaning I feel in love again, you know why?   I love making things beautiful again and I love pink, and I knew one day I would like to meet "Shabby Chic".

Serving Up Fall

Dear Friends

It seems every post lately there is something horrific going on in our world and its hard to stay focused on the positive. Don't you agree?  I made a promise to myself and my mother who I miss terribly, you see she was my friend, mentor and that person who gave me unconditional love.

Southern Ingredients

Dear Friends I wanted to share a recipe from my southern roots.  I was born in Alabama but was raised in NC and I call North Carolina home,  my father still lives there with two of my brothers and their families.  At work I talk to people all over the US and instantly they know I'm from the south, I wonder why?  I tell them, "You can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl.  A very true statement for me, I left a small country town on a greyhound bus from Hamlet, NC to Atlanta, GA.  No job, no car, just family who took me in at eighteen years old.  I'm very proud to be born and raised in the south and just cause I sound southern doesn't mean I don't love pink!

It's Fall Y'all

Dear Friends

It's Fall Y'all!  No cooler temps yet but I'm sure they will get here in Georgia soon enough.  I decided to use some of my dried flowers to make a Fall wreath.  Lots of dried flowers to sprinkle on my mantle with a few pumpkins, and a pumpkin with a rose stem.

Set Sail...

Dear Friends

I didn't post last week because I had company.  This is the second time my daughter and son-in-law have abandon ship because of hurricanes.  We are all fine and survived with minimal damage but my daughter and I always have a great time together! I try hard to keep our minds busy!  On our walks along the beach during our holiday we found beautiful drift wood.  I've always wanted to create pretty sail boats with drift wood and what better way to sail into Fall! Enjoy our creations...