The Find

Dear Friends

 I was asked to do a thrift store challenge with a group of beautiful blogger's.  What is so great about thrift stores is the find, right? What if you find something and your not sure exactly what it is but you know and have seen and know everyone has one.  My thrift store challenge is this "Glass Drying Rack",' do you have one?  My glasses, what few I use, come out of the dishwasher dry already but this was $3.99 and yes, I painted it pink!  I used a few pieces of my thrift store milk glass and repurposed it to hold blooms.  Stay tune I have so many more pretty uses for this Thrift Store Challenge "Glass Drying Rack".  Don't miss a thrift store challenge, you never know what we will find...


  1. I love my bottle drying rack. I adore yours painted pink! Lovely, as always!

  2. How pretty you made the drying rack and I love the pink or so I call it blush! Debby I love how you styled it too. Thanks for sharing with us and joining in on the thrift store challenge. Have an awesome week my friend.

  3. I love how this turned out. I think I will borrow your idea. I have been thinking of getting one of these for coffee mugs for some time but never find one in a color I like so why not paint it, right? So cute! Thanks so much for joining us!

  4. What a beautiful transformation. It's amazing how a little imagination and some pink paint can make such a difference. Very lovely.

  5. Debby, I agree that the hunt is as fun as the find. I love it pink!! It’s so you!!
    Hugs, Jann

    1. Jann

      The find will follow me until I can't find no more, till than I will continue looking my friend.

      Much love,



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