Friday Goodwill Find: Weighing In For Fall

Dear Friends

Happy Fall Everyone!  My Friday Goodwill Find is a stainless scale I painted white, still not sure about the white paint but wanted it to fit in my Christmas decor.  So, the color may change but what about the price, made sure to include my before and after.  I made pink pumpkins with milk glass stems, bet you haven't seen these anywhere and pink acorns.  I included a picture of pumpkins my daughter and I made with my famous Grand Dog, Sailor. There are changes at Cline Cottage, my living room has been green for years, goodby green, hello ivory, the color reminds me of a beautiful string of pearls.

No Sew Bolster Pillow

Dear Friends

Are you looking for something simple to dress up your bed?  Possibly something you already have in the house?  I loved the table cloth from Goodwill so much I decided to use it as a bolster pillow in my guest room.  No sew, you fold and roll a small quilt first or any throw and then fold the table cloth in half and cover the quilt and tie the ends with some lace or any pretty thing you have on hand.  I made sure the pretty part of the table cloth was front and center.  A way to display a table cloth on your beautiful bed.   I decided  to serve up some pretty fall pumpkins on my silver tray, silver you can find at Goodwill most days and all pumpkins made by Debby and displayed them on the bed as well.  Just a simple no sew pillow and a silver tray served with pumpkin royalty!  Don't you agree?  BTW, it's always Cinderella time in the Cinderella Guest Room!

Friday Goodwill Find: Grandmothers Fall

Dear Friends

I'm a true believer that all beautiful and classic things never go out.  The current issue of Romantic Homes featured some beautiful needle point.  I love needle point and I'm finishing up a few pieces found at Goodwill.  My Goodwill Find is this faux needle point throw ($5) and I love that it compliments my needle point pumpkin I made out of a needle point piece found at Goodwill.  My husband confessed that his grandmother would love the rocking chair and throw and there you have it, "Grandmothers Fall!"   I never had the chance to meet Ulla Maye Cline but I know she loved flowers and beautiful things and had the best biscuits in the world.  Enjoy the moments we have with the ones we love!

DIY Heart Topiary

Dear Friends,

Wanted to share my DIY Heart Topiaries I made out of a left over block of wood that my loving man drilled a small hole thru.  I took the Mommy Dearest wire hanger and formed a heart.  I did cut the round part of the hanger off and stuck the end thru the hole of the block and hammered the ends into the wood at the bottom of the block.

As you can see my pot of variegated ivy is over flowing and wanted to start the Topiaries now so they can grow thru the winter.  I just pulled out some good roots of the ivy and planted them in some pots left over from summer plants, painted them to!  I intend on transplanting the Topiaries into my window boxes to add a bit of whimsy for Spring.  Topiaries are expensive at nurseries which is where I got my idea.  The chalk board is a very old mirror that I saved from Goodwill and the wood frame was terribly broke but after a light coat of white paint you can't even tell.  I wanted to share the author of the quote so I typed the entire quote on the chalkboard.  I did my best with the short version in my own handwriting as you can see.

So bring in a bit of green from the outdoors and your house maybe transformed!

Friday Goodwill Finds:Laundry Day Centerpiece

Dear Friends

Please forgive me for not posting this past week but I truly enjoyed some "Endless Summer" days!  My daughter was in town, a Summer Party by a lake and a day in the pool with my loving man.  My Friday Goodwill Finds include a beautiful table cloth with six matching napkins, laundry basket, milk glass top hat and candle holders S&P shakers.  I love when I can step out of the box and make all these beautiful things the centerpiece of my table.  The pink dress is hand made by my daughters great grandmother and my daughter wore the dress home from the hospital and the boys piece is another goodwill find.  The picture frame a find and included my beautiful children when they were, oh so young!  Summer Days have come and gone but the memories will continue to lingerer forever!

Please stay tune, another DIY, I always amaze myself with these, I'm not your average DIY girl but I try!  LOL!