Endless Summer III

Dear Friends,

Labor Day is almost upon us and it's still in the 90's in Georgia.  I'm continuing to enjoy my Endless Summer with a cute DIY my Loving Man and I did this weekend with some scrap wood.  Nothing says Summer like a swing.  If you haven't jumped on a swing in a while try it it makes you feel young and doesn't cost a thing!  As you can see I'm using mine to stage some sweet flowers.

Friday Goodwill Finds:Beautiful Works of Art

Dear Friends

My Friday Goodwill Finds are these great needle point finds. I admit, I have had them for sometime and paid only $5.95 for all and decided to finish these beautiful works of art.  I also found beautiful fabric that I will use for one to make a pillow. The fabric was $1.51!

Does anyone needle point anymore?  Is this a lost art like sewing?  Well, I intend to bring these Beautiful Works of Art back...

So, you must stay tuned for more Beautiful Works of Art, you will not be disappointed!

Friday Goodwill Find:Endless Summer II

Dear Friends

I've been enjoying my Endless Summer days with my new found interest in stenciling and painted this shabby picnic basket.  I provided a before and after for you and the picnic basket was $2.99.  I included my pink bike for additional eye candy, isn't she pretty, I love my bike.  I love riding, when I ride it makes me feel young.  Are you enjoying your Endless Summer days and get on your bike and ride!  Stay tune for more shabby beautiful...

Friday Goodwill Finds:Endless Summer I

Dear Friend

Are you enjoying Summer?  Fall is not in my mind right now and I'm not Falling into that retail trap, not yet, no pun!  I'm enjoying Endless Summer days filled with, a ME picnic on this Goodwill Find lace table cloth with fresh watermelon served on this beautiful charger and sweet love bird salt and pepper shakers, playing Summer time tunes from my radio and a sweet Summer posey picked from my garden.  Nothing like the smell of fresh cut grass and watermelon, hope your enjoying these Endless Summer days!  Stay tune for more Shabby beautiful...

Alfresco "Very Berry Summer" Dining

Dear Blogging Friends

First and foremost I want to thank my family for supporting me and my blog.  My daughter, she's my help desk, my son and daughter I'm always sending pics to get blog worthiness!  My sister who loves beautiful things as much as I do and gives me the truth and supports me in everything I set my mind to do.  My loving man who taste test everything, listens, reads and  always encourages me.  All family and blogging friends who like or look at every post whether they want to or not and anyone who stops by to tune in!  Thank you.

My Berry Sets were my inspiration for my Alfresco, Very Berry Summer dining, everything in the pics came from Cline Cottage, off the wall, the garden, my grand mothers vintage berry pin, Goodwill, etc.
Berry Lovers Spinach Salad
Berry Vinagarette
Punch Bowl Cake
Strawberry Infused Water
Berry Tea

Berry Sets?

Dear Friends

Hope you had a great weekend and that your enjoying every moment of summer!  I wanted to share a few things that I collect and will be sharing later in the week, Berry Sets.  Can you imagine people had nine course meals and saved the fruit and tea for last.  I will try to incorporate these into a "Alfresco" table setting later this week.  I've included a post of Berry Sets history for your entertainment.  Stay tune for more shabby beautiful.