A Shabby Kitchen Cart & Mixer

Dear Blogging Friends

I wanted to share my birthday gift with you from my son, my new pink Kitchen Aid Mixer!  My old shabby kitchen cart needed a makeover before placing my beautiful mixer on it.  I got busy sanding and painting the cart.  The wood got new stain and polyurethane and the cart has a new coat of paint.  It so needed a makeover!  I placed my mixer with a pretty pink pitcher some milk glass and a few other cute things. The old canister set I bought for $3.  The radios just look cute no matter were I place them. I really enjoyed sanding and making the wood come alive again.  Now what to bake with my new new mixer?  I have some things in mind to celebrate summer.  I hope you are enjoying your summer!

Thanks for tuning in!

Friday Goodwill Find: Shabby Blue Garden

Dear Sweet Blogging Friends

I want to thank you for your sweet comments and tuning in to my shabby beautiful blog.   This weeks Friday Goodwill Finds are blue pots from Goodwill, I added to my Shabby Blue Garden.  I first posted this garden back in June 2014, Vintage Garden, this little space has come a long way.  I love when I shop Goodwill and find treasures that fit into my already planned garden and just $3....made a shabby girl smile.  My yard is not perfect, I struggle with a full time job, clean house, yard and a not so perfect shabby life, as we all know nothing in life is perfect and I wonder how I did all this when I was raising my beautiful children and my loving man I continue to love and nurture.   Life is one shabby garden you nurture everyday and with time becomes beautiful!  As I get older I enjoy every little shabby nurturing moment...

Much Shabby Love!

Great Southern Beauties (Part II)

Dear Blogging Friends

My first post of Great Southern Beauties was a personal side and as a blogger I feel the only way you will get to know me is to see me and know I have lots of stories and love that I was raised in the south.  Not only was I raised in the south my father is a full blooded Lumbee Indian. This post is dedicated to my father and the great southern beauty, "Hydrangea"! My mom and dad raised five kids me being the oldest.  My father is the strongest and hardest working man I will ever know.  I tell the joke that my father is the reason they have child labor laws! LOL!  With that being said my father taught me great work ethic and not to be afraid of anything.  My father has a great heart and loves to play in the dirt just like me.  In the pic where he is happy about his truck, the trailer behind him and land is where I grew up on a dirt road in the south.

Happy Father's Day to all you Dads out there!

Friday Goodwill Find: A Shabby Girl Bust

Dear Blogging Friends

I hope you had a wonderful week.  My recent Goodwill Find was this beautiful shabby girl bust. She has a few chips but I didn't mind.  I paid $19 for her, not sure if that was to much.  She was even beautiful on the Goodwill counter.  I'm working on several projects this weekend and hope to wrap them up to share.  So, stay tune for more shabby beautiful...

Friday Goodwill Find: June Wedding Shoes

Dear Blogging Friends

It's time for another Friday Goodwill Find and June is a popular month for Weddings.  I found these silk Dyeable wedding shoes and turned them into a cloche vignette. I rolled wrapping paper and tied them together with wedding rings and added some dried roses.  The bottom of the cloche is another Goodwill Find, a Lazy Susan.  My daughter and I did all her wedding planning together on a budget and this was my very first post on Debby Goes Shabby, Empty Nest. Check it out for more Shabby Beautiful ideas.