Minty Herb Shelf..........

I wanted to share something different for those of you who might not have the greenest thumb or the ability to dig in a garden.  This is my herb shelf on my deck with a few minty herbs, it's so easy and you can watch it grow by walking right out your door!  My grandmother always grew mint usually by the spigot.  We both shared a love for flowers.  This blog is dedicated to Retha, my grandmother, I miss her so.  In my herb book, mint is a symbol of hospitality.  This is so fitting for my grandmother, she was the most hospitable woman I will ever know.  I can't wait to try the recipes and enjoy a mint julep with my very own fresh mint from my minty herb shelf.

You will always be in my heart, grandma Retha!


Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's out there!  I am truly blessed to be a mother of two loving children.  My son, Christopher and my daughter Jessica who have both left the nest.  Although, my nest is empty, you still continue to live in my heart each and every minute of the day.

The lady head vase was a gift from my son and the vases were used by florist for flower arrangements.  I enjoyed filling it with flowers from my garden, isn't she pretty!

Love you!



My inspiration for this "Sorbet Peony" came from Martha Stewart.  If you haven't seen her peony gardens, you should.  She's a women after my own heart!  I'm just saying,  I'll never have a "Martha Peony Garden"'  But so proud to blog about this one bush!  Martha, thank you for your inspiration, you continue to inspire me and btw, if you happen to read my blog this isn't my only peony bush, LOL!  Who, What and when inspires you!

Keep dreaming!