The Find

Dear Friends

 I was asked to do a thrift store challenge with a group of beautiful blogger's.  What is so great about thrift stores is the find, right? What if you find something and your not sure exactly what it is but you know and have seen and know everyone has one.  My thrift store challenge is this "Glass Drying Rack",' do you have one?  My glasses, what few I use, come out of the dishwasher dry already but this was $3.99 and yes, I painted it pink!  I used a few pieces of my thrift store milk glass and repurposed it to hold blooms.  Stay tune I have so many more pretty uses for this Thrift Store Challenge "Glass Drying Rack".  Don't miss a thrift store challenge, you never know what we will find...

My Whole Heart

Dear Friends

Happy almost Valentines, sharing a Valentine tablescape and this will be my first Valentine alone without my loving man.  I miss him, I gave him my whole heart, my love forever...

My tablescape includes a love seat saved for you, extra sprinkles, sweets, cotton candy champagne cocktails and my whole heart.  Much love...

Valentine's Tea For Me

Dear Friends

Sharing my early Valentine's Tea For Me.  A cup of tea and a few of my favorite things,one of my favorite tea sets, strawberry lemon tea, chocolate dipped strawberries, strawberry Little Debbie's, strawberry macaroons, and A slice of Chantilly Cake.  I must have flowers always and always, my favorite magazine and a sweet Love book, simple words about love "with LOVE, by Dan Zadra and Designed by Joanna Price.,