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I hope you had a chance to check out Lola's  new outfit this year at Where Bloggers Create!  This post is all about buying beautiful flowers, well, you know, for the Hellofit!  Publix, my fav grocery store had 18 roses for $10 so, I felt guilty and bought them for the Hellofit! I painted up a few shabby finds to make the shabby roses even more beautiful.  A shabby chippy stool, a beautiful shabby frame and my mantel with new shabby painted shutters!  The shabby cream roses have a hint of pink on the edge of the roses.  So, do you ever feel like buying something for the Hellofit?




  1. Lovely roses and shabby ivory! And yes I do, but I don't feel guilty ;) Blessings, Cecilia

  2. Beautiful Debby! How could you resist those gorgeous roses? Perfect for your shabby chic mantle! Yup, I do it quite often. :) Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  3. I am drooling over all those vintage mirrors on your mantel. They look so gorgeous put together, hung that way. I like to collect a few vintage style mirrors and make arrangements with them and include flowers, lace, whatever can find that will enhance look of vignette. Youngest daughter and I like to sort of compete at making vignettes with our things. Her style is quite different than mine so it's interesting what she comes up with but gives me ideas for items I have that might have been pushed aside at one time or another. I like to change decorations on tables, walls, shelves from time to time for either seasons/holidays or just cause I feel like it. Usually makes lots of extra cleaning for me but what else do I have to do most of time anyway?
    Your roses and other flowers are so pretty, lucky you. I certainly admire a gardening enthusiast. You have the touch. I'm not gardening material and whatever I do attempt hubs comes along to tell me I'm doing it wrong so let him do it all. That's goes for most of cooking in our house also. It was that or knock him over head or divorce him so I walked away. Lots more peaceful that way as cooking isn't something I really miss at all. Did enuf of it for 4 kids and their friends for lots of years.
    Really enjoy seeing your home and all your projects which you make seem so easy. Besides being heck of gardner you're also awesome decorator. Enjoy seeing what you do. Happy weekend

    If you care to reply please do so to my email address: FurryKidzPaperworx@gmail.com Thx
    One other thing about me besides not being gardner - I'm very digitally challenged.


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