Crazing & Nesting

My Dear Blogging Friends,

This weeks post is some what personal!  Do you ever feel so young at heart but when you look in the mirror you don't recognize the person looking back?  I found this beautiful pitcher at Goodwill and thought, I know she was beautiful in her younger days but with the crazing and discoloration, someone just decided to give her away.  Well, she reminded me of me.  Crazing means to pottery, fine cracks with age or with me fine wrinkles from the sun or to stubborn or vain to wear glasses and have squinting lines. The "old" pitcher was beautiful so I brought her home and gave her new life!  What do you think?

Nesting, well my first ever post to the blog world was called "Empty Nesting".  Check it out....  But, I've always said its not all it's cracked up to be.  No pun intended!  Just continues to remind me of being older, so here's some picks of empty nesting or not, LOL!



  1. Oh Debby, what BEAUTIFUL spring displays!!! You KNOW I love it when you use nests and then to place them in wonderful old dishes is perfect! What a gorgeous old pitcher you found too! I have a thing for crazing, it makes the item even more beautiful to me. xxoo, Dawn

  2. Beautiful displays...and love the sweet nests...HPS Michelle

  3. O, I love the ones that are olden and crazed better than the new...:)
    You pitches is very nice.

  4. Very pretty photos. I always say, it's not age it's patina.

  5. You are right about empty nesting.
    Your post is so to the right point
    HPS Laura

  6. Stopping by via Beverly's Pink Sat. Love your pitcher, and your post.
    Empty nesting didn't seem to be all it's cracked up to be when I first experienced it last year, but I am an only child and although some of it reminds me of time passing ever so mercilessly, most of it is quite pleasant. I can hear myself think again, and I get to play house again ... knowing my toys will not be ransacked by wing flapping eaglets. :) I guess being a full-time stay-at-home mom for over 20 years may have something to do with iit.
    Enjoy the nest...and let's throw away all clocks and calendars. :)


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