Friday Goodwill Find!

Dear Blogging Friends

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I always feel a little melancholy around this time of year because I lost and miss my mother.  With that being said how many of us mothers spend many hours at our kitchen sink while looking out our window?  I wish I knew how many hours at the sink, cooking, cleaning and looking out my window at my kids swimming, laughing, swinging, grilling, pitching tents in the back yard, jumping on the trampoline, birthday parties, graduation parties, wedding showers and looking at full moons and watching my cherry tree grow as much as my kids! My kids are grown and that cherry tree wont stop growing!  The pic of the full moon was taken Thanksgiving night!  The old light fixture has hung around on the back deck waiting to be turned on, finally.

After 20 something years of looking out this kitchen window, I have been fortunate enough to be thankful for many memories.  So, my Friday Goodwill Find is continuing to use up the $3 lace shower curtain.  I decided to dress up my kitchen window with new curtains and a pretty light fixture with the same lace.  I know a shabby girl feels good with a new dress and this window is certainly dressed up ready for different seasons of my life.  Enjoy every moment with your children and what you might think are dreading days at the kitchen sink, looking out my kitchen window were the most wonderful days of my life.....

Love, Debby


  1. What a great find! I love kitchen windows also and you have made your so special and beautiful. Dru

  2. That is an awesome find! I miss my mom and dad every day too! It is harder around the holidays, for sure! Your window looks wonderful!!!

    Cottage Blessings,
    Chippy White Cottage

  3. Love it! What a great find. hopped over from the scoop. Linda

  4. Oh I just love it Debby! Lace makes everything prettier. Yes, I've spent many hours looking out my kitchen window. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  5. Hi Debby,
    Yes, we can all relate to the kitchen window! Your lace curtains and light fixture look so lovely....My mother-in-law once said about her kitchen window: "I spent so many evenings washing dishes looking out the window at the sunset saying "Oh, how I wish sometimes I could just walk into that sunset!"
    I lost my own mother to cancer several years ago, so I know what you mean about the holidays. All we can do is follow our mother's example, be a good mom/example for our own children ---and make their holidays joyful and memorable. We're moms...our job is literally to make good memories for our children...sounds like your mother did this admirably.

  6. The kitchen window seems to hold universal appeal! Love your lacy lantern! Thank you for sharing @Vintage Charm.

  7. I hear you Debby. I hear you. Mimi xxx


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