Friday Goodwill Finds: Anticipation

Dear Blogging Friends

I don't know about you but I'm ready to play in the dirt again.  My anticipation for Spring is hard to contain and I'm tired of dragging my pink lemon tree in and out of the house!  Yes, I have a pink lemon tree, the lemons are actually pink inside kinda like a pink grapefruit.  My Friday Goodwill Finds are the elephant watering can and the matching rain boots I will never wear but look good with the elephant watering can or good for cut flowers!  How about a Spring Afghan, great Spring colors, and my first cut daffodils from my brown yard. (LOL) I also included blooms from my pink lemon tree.  Anticipating Spring how about you?

Stay tuned, tomorrow I will share pics of my Spring table and a great foody for you!
If you would like to see  my shabby pallet potting bench, click here.....

Debby is going Spring Shabby!


  1. Seems you have everything in order for springs arrival. I am looking forward to it in Texas. I enjoy working in my yard.

  2. You have spring!
    I look forwards... it comes slowly.
    But the seeding equipment is ready!

  3. Spring Shabby hits the spot!!! I love it all. \

  4. C'mon sun! C'mon rain! I do enjoy gardening, altho' my current spot has shared space that won't work (not the right sun, bad soil, etc).
    I notice you enjoy shabby chic and gardening, both. Funny thing is, I've just recently begun doing printable free sets with a shabby chic spring garden theme.
    I like your blog's design--the roses are my ideal.

  5. I too am anxiously awaiting the arrival of Spring. Your elephant is too cute and so are the boots. A pink lemon tree; how interesting! Thanks so much for sharing and have a lovely day.


  6. Nice to find your blog

  7. There is nothing better than the anticipation we all feel before spring planting.
    It is one of life's great pleasures!

    Thank you for sharing this with all of us at Thoughts of Home on Thursday.

  8. I love that word - ANTICIPATION. We were just talking with neighbors who just planned their yearly vacation to Kauai. They aren't going until May, but we talked about how fun the anticipation of an event is.

    Thanks for sharing at SYC.


  9. That elephant watering can is tooooo cute

  10. That is the cutest watering can! What a great find!

  11. Such great Goodwill finds! Everything looks so pretty.

  12. Cute watering the boots, can see ivy trailing from them, in the future!
    Visiting from Thoughts of Home.
    Enjoy the weekend...hope you find something while out thrifting!

  13. Debby, it has been gorgeous here and I have loved playing in the dirt. Suppose to turn off rainy and cold this week. Love the boots! I have a few pair and I love pulling them out for April. The watering can is very unique. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  14. Debby, we've had lovely weather here too and I've been doing small garden projects. I have that same elephant watering can! Thanks for sharing @Vintage Charm!


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