Dear Friends

Happy New Year!  I have lots of goals this year, one being selling my house.  So, when I was asked to join a group of beautiful blogger's for a Top Shelf Clearance Challenge, and no more than $15, I was there.  You see, I'm not good at "organization."  I've been in my house 27 years and have accumulated lots.

When I was packing for holiday I could not find any of my jewelry I wanted to take, no organization skills, as you can see from the pictures.  I searched for something that would hold all my jewelry in one place.  The silver trunk reminded me of my pink suitcases I purchased for the trip.  I new the trunk would hold most of the jewelry and it was marked down for $13.99 at Ross. I took pics of a few of my favorite pins, and will be donating most of the pearls. I guess by the looks of all this you can say I Sparkle while I organize!  More challenges to come.


  1. What a great deal on the trunk! I really need to organize my jewelry too. You have such gorgeous pieces!! Great job!

  2. Debby,
    Love the trunk and love all your beautiful goodies inside of it!! Good luck on the move and I do hope you find something that you truly love!!

  3. Debby what a great find. Not only is a great organization item it will be a nice home decor piece. What an awesome clearance find. Love Ross! Thanks for joining us on this challenge.

  4. Well, Debby, I must say...this is the blingy-est post I have EVER seen! You have such pretty pieces here!! Oh, and great deal on that chest, too! My old computer is working again, for now, so I thought I would try blogging again. Hope the sale of your house is going well, sweetie. Much love to you. Debbie xo Fun post!!!

  5. Wow that’s perfect for organizing all your jewelry! And I LOVE that vintage pink set (bracelet and earrings?). Beautiful.

  6. Debbie your vintage jewelry is so beautiful. I have not kept anything and now all that blingy pretty is back in style. Maybe there is something to be said for keeping it all and now that you've found that great big trunk you're all set.

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